Crossroads Bible Church, Team Holland 2006 Official Blog Site

Crossroads Bible Church, Team Holland 2006 Official Blog Site


Dates of our trip: July 12--July 30, 2006.

The team has been assembled and preparing since January, 2006.

Departing Flight Information July 12: British Air Flight #2192, Departing DFW 4:20PM. Arriving London Gatwick 7:20AM. Connecting flight from London Heathrow, British Airways flight #434 to Amsterdam Schipol arriving 1:45PM.

Return Flight Information July 30: British Air Flight #8110, Departing Amsterdam Schipol 7:00AM, arriving London Gatwick 7:10AM. Conntecting flight from London Gatwick, British Airways flight #2193 to Dallas/Fort Worth arriving 2:30PM.

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  • Travel Guide from Lonely Planet
  • Country Profile from the British Broadcasting Company
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  • You can also use the links on each of these sights to find out even more information!

    In order to prepare for the nature of direct outreach in a postmodern culture, our team read the book "How Should We Live Then" by Colson & Pearcy. It's an excellent read for an introduction to worldviews, their effects and their results.

    Some of the most influential books on the subject of postmodernism would be by Francis A. Schaeffer, including "The God Who Is There," "Escape From Reason," & "How Should We Then Live" (which obviously influenced Colson). If you're interested in some basic quotes on postmodernism, you can get them here:

  • Francis A. Schaeffer Quotes
  • 2003: Brent McKinney, Rob Edwards, Deb Stevenson, Jess Semmelbeck, Liz Stevenson, Alicia Garcia, Jude Miniat, Christy Thrasher, Abby Lorenc, Cristina MacGilvra, Matt Eaton, Justin Bascue, Faith Oldenburg, Kayti Edwards, Kim Church.

    2006: Brent McKinney, Steve Davis, Debbie Schmidt, Michelle Davis, Thomas Egbert, Schuyler Crabtree, Kayla Russell, Alex Ehrich, Keila Lorenc, Bailey Price, Olivia Schmidt, Maria MacGilvra, Alicia Garcia

    First and foremost, this trip is 17 days long and for many team members it's the longest they've been away from home. We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to check back often and comment by clicking on the spaces beneath each entry!

    Secondly, pray for the team members and those they'll come in contact with. This ministry is entirely relational...and each day we'll simply be waking up and trying to find someone to share the Gospel with. We'd truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

    Finally, when this team left, we were short of our financial goals. If you're so inclined to donate, simply go to the church website and click on "contact us," send an e-mail saying you'd like to contribute, and you'll be given the necessary instructions.

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    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    I have mixed feelings about being back. My husband does too.
    We loved our time in Holland.
    I felt like I made better friends there than I have in Flower Mound.
    I love the European way of life.
    And, it seems that God is growing my heart to love and know these people and this country.
    I don't know what it all means.
    I just know I want to be a missionary wherever I may be.
    I want to follow His Spirit in all my conversations and in all my actions.
    Now, my heart is a bit achy about returning to my car, target, and my comfort zone.
    I don't want to live there...
    maybe it's not the place
    maybe it's a state of the heart.

    Missionary in progress,